Paratherm Corporation manufactures heat transfer fluids uniquely suited to specific plastics processing applications.  

Below are three of these fluids, with some advantages listed to help with product selection for the specific technical demands of each process.

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 Paratherm OR® Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Additized for Oxidation Resistance
  • Prevents Sludge in Oxidation prone Environments

 Plastics Applications:

  • Injection Molding
  • Extrusion

40% of 2011-12 orders for the Paratherm OR for plastics processing were for extrusion applications, 33% are injectiion molding, 19% are blowmolding, and the rest are divided among other applications including presses, thermoforming, casting, rolls, lab applications, and more.

 Paratherm MR® Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Single fluid heating and cooling from 36°F to 550°F
  • Extends Low-Temp Capabilities of Standard Hot-Oil Units

 Plastics Applications:

  • Blowmolding plastic bottles
  • Injection molding needing heat/cool

Among the many current Paratherm clients using Paratherm MR for plastics processing, over 50% are blowmolding. The rest are scattered among other plastics applications including extrusion, injection molding, laminating, film annealing, rotomolding, and research projects.

 Paratherm NF® Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Quick cold starts
  • Exceptional thermal stability
  • Odor free
  • Non-fouling

 Plastics Applications:

  • Injection Molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Hot rolls


Among the hundreds of Paratherm clients using the Paratherm NF for plastics processing, 64% are injection molding, and the rest are distributed among other plastics applications including thermoforming, extrusion, compounding, filmcasting, hot rolls, lab mills and others.

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