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Analysis of Heat Transfer Fluid is an important predictor of equipment issues that may not yet show up as reduced efficiency or productivity.

Fluid analysis can also confirm and pinpoint suspected issues in components such as heaters, piping, filtration, heat users, and expansion tanks.

Unlike competing services, Paratherm fluid analysis, when performed as part of an ongoing preventive maintenance program, shows historical data in a graphical format (see illustration below).

This at-a-glance reporting delivers plant and maintenance managers better insight for decisions regarding the fluid's and the system's production, upkeep, and general well being.   (See a 1-minute video of the complete Paratherm Fluid Analysis Process, including sampling, testing, reporting, and followup, HERE...)

The Paratherm Fluid Analysis is normally billed at $450 List Price.

For a detailed analysis of your heat transfer fluid (Includes analysis, reporting, system conclusions, and a phone call followup to discuss the results and recommended actions), fill in the information below...

Quick-check your heat transfer fluid—fill a clear jar and turn it upside down...

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*Note:  Paratherm analyzes all closed-loop, liquid phase heat transfer fluids, regardless of brand.  In rare cases, we may need to request, or locate a sample of unused fluid of the brand in your system, as a baseline comparison, if we don't have baseline data on that fluid.

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